Sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing

Sheet metal forming

Both thick sheet (2.3~4.5) and thin sheet(1.0~1.6) processing can be done. Iron plate, aluminum, stainless steel, etc, will be chosen subject to the working environment.


Water-proof type, dust-proof type, purge increase independent type, desk type, wall type or other applicable specification can be made. (based on JIS, NEMA, IP CODE, NFPA/ISA, UL.)


Subject to the working environment, various methods such as baking coating, powder coating, salt preventing coating, etc, can be used. (Special coating can be arranged.)

Assembly processing

Assembly processing

Focusing on the easiness to operate and maintenance, arrangement and wiring aiming at easy to exchange parts is done.


For crimp, solder included and lapping connection, we possess high reliable assembly technology with long experience.


Wiring and tubing within frame of picoless copper tube, covered copper tube, nylon tube, various SUS, etc, is done.

Optical cable wiring

Using optical cable, wiring with high reliability is performed.

Instrumentation and electrical work

Perform various on-site works whenever requested.



Internal inspection

Carry out inspection for appearance, electricity conductivity, pressure resistance, insulation, running test, etc, according to our internal standard.
Besides, configuration of various meters is also performed.

Synthetic inspection

Perform general inspection of hardware & software, and running inspection for the main body.


Prepare educating project and carry out education on request.
Focusing on the improvement and maintenance, finished documents and manual, etc, are submitted.